Saturday, August 30, 2008

Water Stain

Have you ever seen a perfectly nice coffee table that has one giant water stain? More than likely, you have owned a stained table. Frustrating isn't it? No matter how you attack the stain, it doesn't going anywhere.

Many times, I feel like I have sin stains that scar the coffee table of my life. But you and I have good news. God can take his rag, covers it with stain remover and wipe it clean, no matter the stain. But Father God has taken it a step further, He provides a stain protector. He has made a way out from underneath all temptation.

I know you have at least area in your life that is a constant struggle. This is the suspected area where failure can be found. I have mine and I hate falling down. It drives me crazy! Why do I continually fail in the same places?

The only thing you and I can do is give it to God. Trust that his word is true. That his grace is sufficient to help you overcome. Ultimately, sin is a choice. God has provided a way for you to decide correctly. He gives you the stain protector so you don't have to use the stain remover.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seminarily Speaking

Seminary has officially started and I am already running hard. I am nose deep in weekly readings and I have not even started on the various papers I am responsible to write this semester. But, despite all that, I am thrilled to be doing it because that is where God has me. He will guide me through.

It's Football Time!

Tonight is the kick-off of the college season and I am excited! There is nothing better than some good o'l college football. Even though it is Spurrier's Gamecock's, I will still watch. Although, I will probably read while I watch. Boo homework.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A good start

I have Olympic fever! The events last week were awesome. Watching Michael Phelps chase down history was extremely fun to watch.

One thing I heard over and over again while watching the swimming coverage, was about the importance of a good start. It didn't matter whether it was an individual race or a relay, the fact remained the same. A good start would separate those who would win, from those who would not.

This same truth can also be applied to books. A book that begins strong is interesting and intoxicating. Mark Batterson's new book, "Wild Goose Chase" is one of those books. By the time I turned page one, I was hooked and extremely curious of what was to come.

Batterson's style is extremely easy to read and understand. It's not work to spend time reading his book. He does a fantastic job of combining theological ideas with daily application. This book serves as a place where the theological rubber meets the road of life.

The premise of the book is a challenge to live a life led by the Holy Spirit. To desire the spirit so much that you adventurously pursue it everyday. Wherever it leads, you follow. Batterson also details six traps, or cages that we find ourselves in that keep us from chasing the Holy Spirit.

"Wild Goose Chase" starts off running. It was the first chapter that not only caught my attention, but it helped me realize that I am in need of some Holy Spirit chasing myself. A couple of ideas that stuck out to me and prodded at my spirit were:
  • "Intellectual analysis usually leads to spiritual paralysis."
  • "Circumstantial uncertainty goes by another name: Adventure"
  • "Jesus dies to make you dangerous."

"Wild Goose Chase" hits stores today. It is a great read and I recommend it to you. Below I will list several links where you can get your hands on a copy.

Much like swimming, your spiritual life is greatly influenced by the start. But there is a glaring difference between the two. If you blow the start at the Olympics, you may never get another chance. If you blow the start in your spiritual walk, you may lose that time, but you can start again. Father God will help your start anew when you ask for forgiveness. Don't waste another day. Start strong today!

Oh Fay

My first official Florida storm is headed my direction. We have been hearing about Fay for 8 days and now she is just south of Lakeland. Unlike tornadoes that pop up quicker than the need to pee, tropical storms/hurricanes slowly trudge along, their course being the only uncertainty.

As I look through the sliding glass (patio) door, I can see the trees, ever so slightly shifting back and forth. Earlier, I opened the door to listen. A faint whisper is passing through the trees and bushes, as if Fay is whispering her entrance. "I'm on my way" she is quietly announces before she shows up in all her glory, clothed in gusty winds and buckets of rain.

Be sure to keep the state of Florida in your prayers. That everyone will remain safe and that damage will be minimal. Besides that, keep you eye on the Weather Channel and watch Fay

Saturday, August 16, 2008


He did it! Michael Phelps grabbed his eighth gold medal of the 29th Olympiad (I love calling it that). It is so fun to be a sports fan right now. It feels like there are once of a life-time athletes all around us. Be sure you take it all in, because folks like Phelps don't hang around forever.

Way to go Phelps!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Did you hear about the tragedy of day one at the Olympics? The father in law of the current USA Men's Volleyball team was stabbed and killed today.

Be sure to remember his family in your prayer times. His wife, who was also attacked is in serious condition.

It's a shame that horrible things happen during an event that pushes such ideals and brotherhood. But isn't that the way it works. When you are doing good things, making positive strides, opposition will be evident. Opposition signifies that you and what you are doing is a threat to the dark/evil side.

This idea carries over to the spiritual side of life. When you are where God wants to be, doing what he has called you to do, you will experience opposition. Embrace the opposition. Allow God to help you through it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Nana is the best

I want to give a shout out to my Nana. Every month for the past seven or eight years, she has sent me a check. Faithfully I have received a financial token of her love. These checks have paid for so many things that I would not have been able to afford. (i.e gas, clothes, engagement ring). She does this selflessly and I appreciate her generosity so much!

Saved by the bell

Seminary starts Monday! Life is getting hectic!

I ran and I ran and I ran

I have decided to get serious again about running. I always say that people set the goals of writing a book and running a marathon way too lightly. I have made both and intend to keep both commitments. I worked on the book some this week for the first time in a while, so I figured it was time to get back to running.

It is so much easier to get back into the flow of writing than running! I had a great run tonight, but it was painful. And I will admit it, I even had to stop and walk for a short while. If I didn't my supper would have been all over the road. Mandie worked too hard on it for me to waste it on the ground.

So anyway, I'm going to do my best to be a regular runner, blogger and writer. Talk about your triple threats.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What a great day

You ever have those days where you just get a bunch of a stuff done? You come to the end of your day and you're able to look back and feel good? Today was one of those days.

This was my last official "off day." I begin school next Monday, so this was my last chance to just have a day and get done whatever I put on the top of my priority list. Most times, I squander the majority of my morning by sleeping in or simply doing nothing constructive. Not today. I was up and going by 8, and I held serve all day.

Then, to top it all off. I was reading this evening and I came across a quote that will become a major goal of mine. It sums up exactly where I want to be.

Here's the quote:
"Seek to do less and to accomplish more.
Doing is action. Achievement is successful action." -Two Listeners, Authors of God Calling Journal

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hit Parade

My fantasy team needs a boost. I am losing every offensive category this week. Fortunately, my pitching staff is keeping me in it. I have two days to hit my way back into it this week.