Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday (2nd) Funday (in a row)

Thursday funday was off the chain. I will be sure to post some pics soon. This afternoon, I surprised Mandie with a getaway weekend in Savannah. We got here around 7:30, checked in the hotel, and headed for River St. We ate at One Eye Lizzie, which was delish. We got one of the coveted balcony tables that over looks the river. After supper, we strolled River St, and visited every candy shoppe on the block. We watched some guys make pralines, and salt water taffy.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday, Fun Day

I am so excited about tomorrow. I have an 8:15 tee time at the Alfred "Tup" Holmes Golf Course in Atlanta. It's a municipal course, built in 1940 on a civil war battle field.

After the links, I am making the six mile drive over to Turner Field to watch a business man's special. The Braves go for the 4 game sweep of the Giants. The best part is a got a free ticket from the Braves for my birthday. It will be the first Braves game I have been to in years. I am pumped!

I'll be sure to show you some pics from the day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Friday

It's true, the unthinkable has happened.
Tiger Woods missed the cut at the Open Championship.
As bummed as I am, I can't help but think that he earned it.
Tiger spent a good bit of time in uncharted territory (for him), building upon mistakes with more mistakes. Tiger normally limits his mistakes, but this week he was unable to stop the bleeding.

Even though TW will be out of the picture, I am looking forward to watching a bunch of links golf this weekend. There is something so fun about watching links golf. I am becoming obsessed with heading over to Scotland to play some golf by the way.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Book Update!

In the midst of my busy Summer, I have been doing a little reading.

Holy Roller is one Lady's experience of searching for God in the midst of a tough part of town in Dallas, Texas. Julie Lyons is a crime reporter for a local paper in Dallas. At a point in her life when the day to day grind of seeing the effects of evil became overwhelming, she searches for relief.

Her search takes her to an inner city church in one of the most crime-ridden sections of Dallas. She discovers a church that is a true light in the midst of the darknes. This church reaches out to the community and allows God to do a work through the lives of the members of the church.

This book is not just an interesting read, but an encouragement to the reader, a reminder that God does still move. That no situation is beyond the miraculous power of God.

If you're looking for a good read for the second of half of your Summer, check out Holy Roller.

Has it been 2 months?

It has been two months since I last posted.
All I can say is that it has been a heck of a two months.

In a nutshell:
I went on an eight day cruise to St. Marten, Puerto Rico, and Haiti.
Taken a summer school class.
MOVED to Georgia. Celebrated my Birthday and 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

Now that we're are a little more settled, I will do a better job at posting on a regular basis.