Thursday, August 20, 2009

BP Magic

This past weekend, I went to a couple of Braves games. My brother drove in with a couple of friends from Oklahoma, and the parents came up from south Georgia. Both games were good. We lost in the ninth inning Friday and won in the ninth on Saturday.

The most memorable part of the two games was batting practice. I am a life long batting practice attendee. To this day, I bring a glove and long for a ball like I am 8 years old. In my career, I have officially grabbed 1 ball. I was in high school and I caught a ball hit by Joe Carter. But that has been it.

This past weekend, we had a batting practice for he ages. Between the four of us (Caleb, his two buddies and myself), we got five BP balls. That's right, Five!

I started things off by catching one. Then five minutes later, Caleb picks one up off the ground after it bounces off of a couple of folks. Three minutes later, Riley makes a mid-air grab from a ricochet off of two guys.

Saturday: We had just walked in the stadium, and the Phillies were on the field, but had not started hitting. I look up and see Pedro Feliz take his first swing. Before I can get my glove out of my back, his second shot is a laser just in front of us and to the left. Caleb goes down three steps, crosses over the rail and jumps in between three people (who were not even watching) to make a spectacular grab. It was one of the best catches I have ever seen in batting practice.

Five minutes later, he was outdone by Riley, who ran 25 feet to his left and spun as he jumped to correct his course. He made the grab over his shoulder, in a manner that would make Wilie Mays proud.

The only one to not make a grab was Zack, who did a tremendous job of looking like a champ in the outfield with a catchers mitt.

Both games were fun. BP was a blast!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Coke: It's Still the Real Thing

With some friends in town, we trekked up to the new and improved World of Coca-Cola. It was a blast to check out the new experience. It's in an entirely new location from the last time I visited (4 years ago). It's right across the street from the Aquarium, and on the end the edge of Centennial Olympic park.

Inside was just as impressive as the outside. There are only two levels instead of three, and it is much easier to get around. They have included an actually bottling exhibit, and at the end of the tour, you get your very own 8 oz. glass bottle.

A tour of Coke world would not be complete without a trip to the flavors of the world exhibit. This is where you can taste 60 different flavors from around the world that are made by the Coke company. Beverly is one flavor that is so nasty, I can't bear to even put it on my lips. I always try my best to make it sound so good, and dupe my friends to try it. You will be glad to know that Teresa and Mandie both fell for my trickery. This was the third time that Mandie has been tricked by me. The first time we visited, I got her TWICE!

In conclusion, the day was a blast.
Got to love the World of Coke.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grace in all things

One of the great things about grace is that it can be present even when you don't acknowledge it. God provides you and I with multiple levels of grace every day.

One major way I am experiencing God's grace right now is the location of our new apartment. Choosing a place during a hectic whirlwind tour of Macon, was nerve wracking, and tough decision. But with each day that passes, I find more reasons to love our location in Macon.

  1. It's easy to get almost anywhere in town.
  2. Surrounded by trees, I feel like I live int he middle of the country, not town.
  3. It's 3 miles from Wal-Mart.
  4. Equal distance between I-75 & I-475.
  5. And we're 3 miles from Wal-Mart.

Need I say more!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have found my home course here in Macon. It has taken a couple of rounds, but I have found what I hope will be o'l faithful. The course I speak of is Bowden Golf Course. It's a municipal course, opened in 1940, on the southeast corner of town.

The layout is sweet, with rolling hills and a couple of ponds. The fairways and greens were in great shape. It is not incredibly difficult, but you must hit the shots if you want to score well. I was so relieved to find a solid track to play. The best part is that it cost $10 to walk.

The other course in town that I can afford to play on a regular basis was over grown and over run with old members, who think they run the place.

Hopefully, I will find some time to play once school starts back up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Two Weeks

I finally finished up my Summer class at the beginning of last week.
It was a lot of fun and a great benefit to learn about the history of Christianity since the reformation.

Now I have two weeks before school starts back again. I will be attending the extension center in Atlanta this year, since we moved to Macon. I look forward to meeting a whole bunch of new folks.

In my few weeks away from school, I am working on a couple of projects on my to-do list. Namely, I am finishing up my novel. I have sent it off to the my Mom, so she can do some editing. Hopefully, there won't be too much more to correct.


The dude in the red shirt is filthy good.
Once again, Tiger starts the 3rd round with the lead and he finishes the deal.

My question is, why doesn't it get old watching him win?
I love it!
Even though he wasn't pushed today,
I watch it like he was trying to win a major.