Thursday, July 31, 2008

the place where a kid can be a kid

Mandie's birthday was yesterday. I did the only thing you can do when celebrating the birthday of your 23 year old wife. I took her to Chucky Cheese. We ate pizza at the house, opened gifts, and then headed to see the mouse(not Mickey, the other mouse).

We had a blast hanging out together, playing games. Our favorites are ski ball and racing games. For the record, I must say that Chucky Cheese is not all it used to be. Back when it was called Showbiz Pizza, the place was incredible. The ski ball game used wooden balls and the big gorilla was the lead player in the robot game. Oh how I miss those days.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I judge books by their cover!

I bought all my books for seminary. All nine books that it.

I admit that a major factor in the books I purchase is the cover. If it passes the cover inspection, there is a good chance I will buy the book. I was excited because I liked the cover on at least five of the books. 5 out of 9 for school books is not a bad percentage.

Mandie said I really have to go to class now that we spent a hundred bucks on books.

What once was lost...has now been found.

Mandie found her cell phone!!! I repeat, the cell phone has come home. Taking a page from the father in the story of the prodigal son, I saw the phone appear over the hill in the distance and I went running. We threw a big o'l party to celebrate the homecoming of the little black phone.

It turns out that our long lost friend was hanging out t TGI Fridays. Apparently, the little fella slipped out of Mandie's pocket, failing to holler loud enough to get Mandie's attention before she left. In his defense, he was probably on silent. He didn't stand a chance.

Thank you for your prayers. You can check that one off your prayer calender.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Mandie has lost her cell phone. She can't remember where she had it last. Luckily, it's on silent, so when you call it, it will remain quiet and hidden. It is small and black as night, hiding in the shadows. If you happen to see it, grab it and call me.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fantasy gone wrong

It's about time for a fantasy baseball update. I am still leading my league but I lost this past week, which make twice in the last seven weeks. I am going to blame the All-Star break for my latest defeat. My pitching innings got all messed up because of the short week.

Hopefully, this week is the beginning of a new winning streak.

Back side of 20

I am officially on the downward side of my twenty's. Last Monday, I celebrated my 26th Birthday. I want to go on the record and officially state that I am all about being 26. I don't feel like I am getting old or anything like that. I am loving it! Mandie believes that I am not bothered by 26 because people look at me and think I am 22. As I ponder this notion, I admit that is partly true.

My Birthday was a blast! Mandie cooked dinner and we had a couple of friends over to celebrate. After finishing mexican chicken and green jello stuff, we watched the Home Run derby for the remainder of the evening.

The 3rd season of the Cosby's, an Alicia Keys CD and a talking Chewbacca card were some of the highlights gift wise. The odd gift award goes to the Fagan's, who gave me a card that looked like a pickle.

The fun thing about my birthday this year is that it was also my one year anniversary. It is incredible to think that I have been married for one entire year. What a blast this year has been with my wifey.

So there you have it, I am old and happily married!

Monday, July 7, 2008

My apologies!

I have beena pathetic blogger the past few weeks! And for that, I submit my sincerest apolgies. With the beginning of my new job, I have been keeping new hours. I now go to bed by ten o'clock. If you scroll through the times of the majority of my posts, you will realize that I am a late-night blogger.

So, how about a quick update of the last few weeks.

  • I started my new job at the Sheriffs Office. It is going very well. I am still trying to learn a huge amount of information, but the people are nice and it's in the air conditioning! How bad could it really be?
  • I have not written on the book in over a month. I need to get my rear in gear. School starts in a month and I know I won't write once school begins. Pray for diligence!
  • We have gained some new friends from church. Holla Holla for the Adkins!
  • I went to my second Rays game of the year Saturday night. I even bough a hat last week. I officially have Rays fever.
  • 4th of July weekend was amazing. We were busy Thursday night through Saturday. We saw fireworks, ate steak, had a ton of watermelon.
  • I am still leading my Fantasy Baseball League!

God continues to show his faithfulness. Even in the midst of my unfaithfulness. I really do appreciate Him!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

It has been great day!
I rested all morning.
Took a tremendous nap this afternoon.
Went to a friend's house and grilled out.
Drank my body weight in Mountain Dew.
An inning and a half of free baseball at the Flying tigers game.
Mountain Dew to end the night!